Download Lagu Beyoncé - I’m Leaving

Download Lagu Beyoncé - I’m Leaving Mp3

Album: Speak My Mind

Artis : Beyoncé
Judul Lagu : I’m Leaving
Album : Speak My Mind
Durasi : 02:59
Ukuran : 2.75 MB
Tanggal Rilis : 2005-12-17

Beyoncé - I’m Leaving MP3 Download

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Lirik Beyoncé - I’m Leaving

When I first met you' you told me exactly how it would beYou had a lady and couldn't spend all your time with meI only wanted to kick it' so I said 'cool' you can keep her'Long as you satisfy meBut as the weeks went by I' I started feelin' strangeSomethin' was deep in my heart' somethin' I can't explainI think I'm fallin' in love with you boyI'm needing you so much' I'm cryin' just to feel your touchI gotta leave youverse
I didn't want no manI didn't wanna fall in love' andI didn't care about your girlI didn't care how we would end upBut that was then' this is nowI think I'm experiencing loveI don't wanna wreck up your homeThat's why I'm convinced' I gotta goChorus
Everytime she calls' you expectMe to disappear like we never metAt first I didn't mind' but now ISometimes feel like you're all mineYou told me it was all about me' meIt's not about me if your still with herNow I've realized that I've gotta move onIt might be hard' but I'I gotta move onChorus
I gotta leave you (gotta leave you)I gotta leave you (gotta leave you)

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