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Album: Home On High

Artis : Nat Simons
Judul Lagu : Big Liar
Album : Home On High
Durasi : 03:46
Ukuran : 3.46 MB
Tanggal Rilis : 2013-12-03

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Lirik Nat Simons - Big Liar

tiBig Liar
arNat Simons
alHome On High

Big Liar - Nat Simons

Coming down

This melody is your drug

Let it come around

You passed through
The line

You used to turn sound
So loud

When you need my warmth
You're knocking at my door

And look around you

You realize your world
Doesn't spin all around you

You went out
Looking for new experiences

And you know so well
That is not true

Last time you fooled me

You left all this trouble

In my heart
I waved goodbye
So long

I've got the strength enough

To carry on
And then you want to try
Something hard

You're lucky for your false pride
For your

Easy choice

But unlucky cause you don't know

Unlucky cause you don't know

How to love

And then you wake up
Inside your drunken head

Now I can see your mind
Is so empty

You show one face
But you have another

Oh you know so well
That it's no good

Boy you just need
Someone to teach you

And show you how to walk alone

To walk alone

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