Download Lagu Beyoncé - Ave Maria (Live)

Download Lagu Beyoncé - Ave Maria (Live) Mp3

Album: I Am...World Tour

Artis : Beyoncé
Judul Lagu : Ave Maria (Live)
Album : I Am...World Tour
Durasi : 04:15
Ukuran : 3.9 MB
Tanggal Rilis : 2010-11-29

Beyoncé - Ave Maria (Live) MP3 Download

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Lirik Beyoncé - Ave Maria (Live)

tiAve Maria
alI AmWorld Tour

Ave Maria - Beyoncé
She was lost in so many different ways
Out in the darkness with no guide
I know the cost of a losing hand
Never thought the grace of god go high
I found heaven on earth
You were my last my first
And i always hear this voice inside
Ave maria

Sometimes love can come and pass you by
While your busy making plans
Suddenly hit you and then you realize
It's out of your hands baby you got to understand

Ave maria

Ave maria ave maria
Glasia blana maria
Glasia blana maria
Glasia blana ave ave tominus tegu

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