Download Lagu Beyoncé - Me,Myself & I(Remix)

Download Lagu Beyoncé - Me,Myself & I(Remix) Mp3

Album: Speak My Mind

Artis : Beyoncé
Judul Lagu : Me,Myself & I(Remix)
Album : Speak My Mind
Durasi : 04:36
Ukuran : 4.23 MB
Tanggal Rilis : 2005-12-17

Beyoncé - Me,Myself & I(Remix) MP3 Download

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Lirik Beyoncé - Me,Myself & I(Remix)

Intro Beyonce (Ghostface Killah)
Ahh, ahh, ahh all the ladies if you feel me, help me sing it now(Uh-huh Toney StarksYo, baby, what's all this you telling everybodyWe broke up and all this, I'm hearin' off the streets and all, that, maTalk to me or something, huh, I don't know what's goin' on, babyYou know, I got my clothes in the joint, and you go up hereJust packin' my gear --- what happened boo?)Beyonce
I can't believe I believed, everything we had would lastSo young and naive for me to think, she was from your pastSilly of me to dream of, one day having your kidsLove is so blind, it feels right when it's wrongI can't believe I fell for four years, and I'm smarter than thatSo young and naive to believe that with me, you're a changed manFoolish of me to compete, when you cheat with loose womenIt took me some time but now I moved on, cuz I realized I gotChorus X Beyonce
Me myself and I, that's all I got in the endThat's what I found out, and it ain't no need to cryI took a vow that from now on, I'm gonna be my own best friendBeyonce
So controlling, you said that you love me, but you don'tYour family told me one day, I would see it on my ownNext thing I know I'm dealing, with your three kids and my homeI've been so blind, it feels right when it's wrongNow that it's over, stop calling me, come pick up your clothesNo need to front like you're still with me, all your homies knowEven your very best friend, tried to warn me on the lowIt took me some time, but now I am strongBecause I realized I gotChorus X
Hook X Beyonce
I got me, myself and I (I know that I would never dissapoint myself)Must have cried a thousand times (all the ladies if you feel me, help me sing itout)I can't regret time spent with you (yeah, you hurt me but I learned a lot thelong way)But I lucked out to make it through (after all the rain you see the sun come outagain)Interlude Ghostface Killah *during hook*
See that's why you in my life right now, smile right nowI'm sorry, boo I'm sorryJust you know, that you got mature shootYa'll ladies keep your mouth shut right nowCuz ya'll don't know what y'all talking aboutThis between me and her, that's my word, she just upsetGhostface Killah
Changes we all go through changesArguments, disagreements, and to some it's dangerousBut your mind and your heart's clogged with all your pain andBut a bond that we was holding, what made us famousHey miss, beautiful mami with tears of stoneStop cryin', come talk to ToneTell me everything that's goin' wrong like your needs and doubtsMy reason for coming in late, I need cheese and sproutsSo I could continue to hold down the foundationIt's pitiful how you could charge me with violationsPatience is the key, fuck the frustrationsWe act off our emotions and we start hatin'And that leads to stress, problems and weight lossTotal baldness, broke homes come from negative forcesBaby be cautious, you got to call the cops to get me outWhen it come, babe, I'm goin' all outIt's T-O-N-E-Y, to Beyonce, my, sweetie piePlease try, be mine til we dieChorus X
Outro Ghostface Killah
Beyonce beautiful girl

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